E2 - Calibration of inductance

Status: Planned

Last date for subscription


Estimated start date


Estimated delivery date for final report


Name of organisation behind the Intercomparison

SP, Technical Research Institute of Sweden

Reference laboratory

SP, NMI of Electrical

Contact person with contact details

Gunnar Eklund Phone +46 10 516 53 91 gunnar.eklund@sp.se

Objective of the Intercomparison

Evaluation of calibration methods and verification of BMC values.

Device(s) to be circulated

General Radio type 1482, 100mH

Quantity to be measured (incl.indication of measurement uncertainty for the reference values)

Inductance (40 µH/H)

Measurement instructions

Measurement at 1 kHz, optional measurements at 400 Hz and 4 kHz

Reporting from the participating laboratories (formats, calibration certificate, language, etc.)

Calibration certificate in English or Swedish

Methods of transport

Transportation in special crate

Appr. Price for the Intercomparison

1000-1500 Euro plus one way transportation (depending on the number of participants)

Additional remarks

Aimed at calibration laboratories