F12 - Verification and calibration of a uniaxial testing machine

Status: Planned

Last date for subscription


Estimated start date


Estimated delivery date for final report


Name of organisation behind the Intercomparison

SP, Technical Research Institute of Sweden

Reference laboratory

SP, NMI for Force

Contact person with contact details

Per Nyfeldt Phone +46 10 516 58 96 E-mail:

Objective of the Intercomparison

Verification of BMC and calibration ability to EN 12390-4.

Device(s) to be circulated

Machine: T.B.D

Quantity to be measured (incl.indication of measurement uncertainty for the reference values)

Force in tension and compression ( U<0,2%) Change in length.

Measurement instructions

Force according to each participants method or ISO 7500-1 or EN 12390-4 Lenght according to each participants method or ISO 9513:2012

Reporting from the participating laboratories (formats, calibration certificate, language, etc.)

Certificate in English or Swedish. Raw data should be delivered on site after the calibation.

Methods of transport

The calibration will take place at SP, Sweden.

Appr. Price for the Intercomparison

Estimated 1500-3900 Euro. Will depend on no. of participants

Additional remarks

This intercomparision is planned to take place January 24-27 , 2017.