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Interlaboratory comparisons (ILC) or proficiency testing (PT) are common means of determining the testing performance of a laboratory. Proficiency testing is used by accreditation bodies to assess the technical competence of a laboratory and also by companies to ascertain the quality of measurement equipment and performance. More...

Area of measurements

CFI covers a wide range of measurement quantities, such as:

Electrical - Flow - Force - Length - Mass - Optical - Pressure - Temperature - Torque - Vacuum - Volume

Upcoming intercomparisons (ILC)

 E2 - Calibration of inductance

 E3 - Calibration of capacitance

 E7 - Calibration of Electrical energy meters

 M7 - Calibration of non automatic weighing instruments

 F12 - Verification and calibration of a uniaxial testing machine


SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, is planning Intercomparison and exchange Days within the area of Fuel Dispensers, taking place second part of September. If you are interested in participation, please contact us at the latest on June 1st, 2016.


Contacts at SP Measurement Technology, Volume/flow department


Susanne Hansson +4610 516 5152 susanne.hansson@sp.se
Kerstin Mattiasson +4610 516 5380 kerstin.mattiasson@sp.se
Per Wennergren +4610 516 5467 per.wennergren@sp.se


See attached pdf - Invitation from SP dated 2016-05-12



This is the website of CFI, a centre for intercomparisons (proficiency testing) which has been developed for the purpose to assist calibration- and testing laboratories to secure their measurement claims according to ISO/IEC 17025.

CFI works over a wide area of different measurement quantities, instruments and accuracy levels, and our goal is to assist both measurement laboratories and industrial users.

Since there are many un-accredited laboratories that also need to secure their measurement capability, the services of this web site are also open to them.

The services offered was originally developed in cooperation between the NMI (National Metrology institutes) in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

This web page is administrated by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden

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