The purpose of Proficiency Testing


When to take part in an intercomparison is normally up to each laboratory to plan. An accredited laboratory though has to fulfil demands according the ISO/IEC 17025 which stipulates participation in a number of quality assurance activities, including participation in intercomparisons. If there has been a major change in the laboratory’s activities, introduction of a new procedure, reference equipment etc, then participation in an intercomparison is normally recommended. Historicalyl it has been very hard for laboratories in some calibration and testing fields to make these planned comparisons since there have been too few available. The CFI (Centre For Intercomparisons) now offers a five year plan where each laboratory can plan their activities for the years to come.

This is the website of CFI, a centre for intercomparisons (proficiency testing) which has been developed for the purpose to assist calibration- and testing laboratories to secure their measurement claims according to ISO/IEC 17025.

CFI works over a wide area of different measurement quantities, instruments and accuracy levels, and our goal is to assist both measurement laboratories and industrial users.

Since there are many un-accredited laboratories that also need to secure their measurement capability, the services of this web site are also open to them.

The services offered was originally developed in cooperation between the NMI (National Metrology institutes) in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

This web page is administrated by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

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