The purpose of Proficiency Testing

Obligations for participants in a comparison

▪ The application is binding and notice of non-participation shall be sent to the provider before the last date stated in the information. If the notice of non-participation is sent in after that date, the PT provider can still charge the full fee.

▪ The reporting of results by participants shall be done according to the measuring instructions. If the results are presented in any other way, the PT provider has the right to exclude the results of that participants from the final report.

▪ Any complaints or comments about the comparison shall be sent directly to the provider, not to the administrator at SP. It is then up to the provider or advisory group for that comparison to decide whether this should be accounted for or not in the report.

▪ The time schedule for the measuring and reporting has to be kept. If the participant needs more time, they should apply for this by contacting the provider as soon as possible.

This is the website of CFI, a centre for intercomparisons (proficiency testing) which has been developed for the purpose to assist calibration- and testing laboratories to secure their measurement claims according to ISO/IEC 17025.

CFI works over a wide area of different measurement quantities, instruments and accuracy levels, and our goal is to assist both measurement laboratories and industrial users.

Since there are many un-accredited laboratories that also need to secure their measurement capability, the services of this web site are also open to them.

The services offered was originally developed in cooperation between the NMI (National Metrology institutes) in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

This web page is administrated by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

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